Tax Dispute Resolution (RSA)

Mastering Tax Dispute Resolution in South Africa

Unlocking the Path to Compliance and Fairness


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ZAR 3,650.00/ USD 200.00


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To receive a certificate confirming your participation and verifying Verifiable CPD Hours in this program, it is necessary to complete a brief assessment that validates your completion of the program. The fee for this assessment is ZAR 920.00*.

(*This is NOT a mandatory cost – you may complete the programme without opting for the Certification Option.)

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The real value of the programme lies in the practical knowledge shared by one of South Africa’s foremost advocates of Tax Dispute Resolution, Prof. Dr Daniel N. Erasmus.

    • Expand your skills and gain knowledge in an area of considerable commercial interest which will enhance your employability potential in this area
    • Develop an in-depth and practical understanding of dispute resolution
    • Examine the latest policy developments that organisations need to deal with in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment
    • Undertake a flexible, alternative study solution to a traditional on-campus programme, tailor-made for working professionals and studied 100% ONLINE
    • Improve your career prospects by gaining a high-level qualification without compromising your work commitments and gain the professional skills and practical experience that businesses are looking for today.

The Tax Dispute Resolution course in South Africa is designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex terrain of tax audits, assessments, objections, appeals, tax board hearings, and emerging developments in tax legislation. By attending this comprehensive course, participants will gain a competitive edge in managing tax disputes, ensuring compliance, and securing fair outcomes for their clients or organizations.



Mastering Tax Dispute Resolutions in South Africa is a full online course. All lectures and materials are pre-prepared and provided in our online Learner Management System.

You can start anytime, as soon as you enrol.


The lecturers will conduct LIVE Q&A sessions every 6 weeks despite this being a full online course. This will allow students to ask relevant questions in a live Q&A environment.

Students will be given the LIVE Q&A schedule on registration.

Your Lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Daniel N. Erasmus

Schalk Pieterse

Deone Ferreira

What’s in the programme?


AUDITS:  Understanding Your Rights and Obligations

  •  Audit requirements and taxpayer rights
  • Responding to Letter of Audit findings
  • Time periods and remedies during the audit process

In this session, participants will delve into the fundamental aspects of tax audits. The course will elucidate the audit requirements imposed on taxpayers and shed light on the rights individuals possess during the audit process. Participants will learn effective strategies for responding to Letters of Audit findings and explore the time periods and available remedies during the audit phase. By the end of this session, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate tax audits in South Africa while safeguarding their rights.


  • Schalk Pieterse
  • Deone Ferreira

Guest Lecturer

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel N Erasmus
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ASSESSMENTS: Grasping the Various Types and Implications

  • Estimated Assessments
  • Additional Assessments
  • VDP Assessments
  • Section 93 reduced assessments (very topical)

This session focuses on assessments, a critical phase in tax dispute resolution. Participants will gain insights into different types of assessments, including estimated assessments, additional assessments, voluntary disclosure program (VDP) assessments, and the highly topical Section 93 reduced assessments. The course will cover the key aspects of each type of assessment and discuss their implications. Participants will acquire the knowledge necessary to navigate the assessment process confidently.


  • Schalk Pieterse
  • Deone Ferreira
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OBJECTIONS: Effectively Challenging Tax Disputes

  • Filing disputes and E-filing (Eddie will guest lecture here)
  • Section 164 Suspension of Payments 
  • Content of disputes
  • Procedure and Time Periods
  • Rule 56 Default Judgement Applications (and case law studies)

Challenging tax disputes requires a strong understanding of objection filing procedures. This session explores the process of filing disputes and introduces participants to the e-filing system. Guest lecturer Eddie, a renowned expert in the field, will share valuable insights on objection filing. Attendees will also delve into Section 164 Suspension of Payments, learn about the content of disputes, and understand the relevant procedures and time periods. The session will also cover Rule 56 Default Judgement Applications, including relevant case law studies, to deepen participants’ understanding.


  • Schalk Pieterse
  • Deone Ferreira
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APPEALS: Navigating the Road to Resolution

  • Filing of Appeals and content
  • ADR rules
  • Appeal time periods and ADR hearing

This session focuses on appeals, a crucial step in the tax dispute resolution process. Participants will learn how to effectively file appeals, ensuring their content aligns with regulatory requirements. The course will also cover the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) rules, highlighting their significance in resolving tax disputes. Participants will understand the appeal time periods and gain insights into ADR hearings, equipping them with the knowledge needed to present their cases successfully.


  • Schalk Pieterse
  • Deone Ferreira
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TAX BOARD HEARINGS: Advocacy in Action

  • Preparation
  • Filing statement of appeal
  • Hearing
  • Rules and Procedures Around Tax Board Proceedings

Tax board hearings play a pivotal role in resolving tax disputes. In this session, participants will explore the necessary preparations for tax board hearings. They will learn how to file a statement of appeal effectively and gain insights into the hearing process. Moreover, the course will delve into the rules and procedures surrounding tax board proceedings, empowering participants to navigate this critical stage with confidence.


  • Schalk Pieterse
  • Deone Ferreira
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ANCILLARY LESSON: Keeping Pace with the Evolving Landscape

  • Tax Court preparation – instruct tax attorneys etc
  • Changes and amendments in the TAA Rules 2023
  • Relevant and new case law

This session provides participants with essential information on Tax Court preparation. It will guide them in instructing tax attorneys and understanding the changes and amendments introduced in the TAA Rules of 2023. Additionally, participants will explore relevant and new case law, staying up to date with the latest developments in tax dispute resolution.


  • Schalk Pieterse
  • Deone Ferreira

Guest Lecturer

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel N. Eramsus
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ZAR 3,650.00/ USD 200.00

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*As a result of this, we will update the cost of the course if there is a currency fluctuation of more than 3%.





If you are a member of SAIT (The South African Institute of Taxation) you qualify for a 10% discount on this programme.

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