International Tax Course Assignment and Tutorial Questions

All the assignment dates and the tutorial dates for submission of answers can be found on the Curriculum Spreadsheet: see

Any late assignments and tutorial answers submissions will NOT be marked. You will lose your points/marks.



The 3 assignments counts 10{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} each, ie. 30{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards the 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} course marks/points:

Assignments 2018 vr2 – 3 assignments. Note: that for ASSIGNMENT 3 the pdf document referred to is LINKED below as well:ASSIGNMENT 3 Mauritius UAE and Mauritius South Africa comparison

ASSIGNMENT 1 EXAMPLE Algeria Corporate Tax 2018 summary  – is an example of what you submit for Assignment 1;

Assignment 2 eg. US TP Country Summary – is an example of a TP summary for Assignment 2;

ASSIGNMENT 3 Mauritius UAE and Mauritius South Africa comparison – Take these Mauritius/UAE and Mauritius/South Africa DTAs, in the pdf document, and highlight the MAIN AND KEY differences with a YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER.


The tutorial questions count 50{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards the 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} course marks/points. BEFORE each lecture on an international tax topic, there will be a series of questions you must answer and submit within the timeline specified – USUALLY THE DAY BEFORE THE PROPOSED LECTURE. You must have a copy of the answers available during the lecture, to mark your answers with pen (AND ALLOCATE MARKS), and then scan (with your smartphone) and send immediately after the lecture. All copies before and after the lecture to:,,,

YOU CANNOT CHANGE or amend your answers after the lecture to gain more points. If you do so, we can compare to the originals you sent before the lecture, and you will lose all points for that tutorial session.

The tutorials count 50{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards year end of mark of 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e}. So the tutorial questions are very important.

All the reading materials are available in each LECTURE WEEK page on and hyper-linked in the spreadsheet for you to answer the tutorial questions before each lecture:

Tutorials 2018 vr6 – 112 QUESTIONS


The FINAL exam counts 20{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards the 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} course marks/points.


2018 – IBFD Library Access

If you use this facility for research, please log out when you are done with your research:


Password: Pw207t


Password: Zv6hyw

Password: 0yCPdT



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